In 2006, SEF published Swansea’s first environment strategy – Time to Change – after eighteen months of consultation and development. This provided a vision and priorities to 2020 and was supported by a comprehensive action plan that was reviewed and revised every two years. The last progress review was published in 2016 at which point it was felt that the Swansea Environment Strategy would be superseded by the Swansea Well-being Plan – but the vision and priorities presented in the Swansea Environment Strategy still remain relevant today.

SEF works with Swansea Public Services Board and is joint lead, alongside Natural Resources Wales, for the Working with Nature objective of the Swansea Well-being Plan. 

Foreword from Swansea’s Environment Strategy: Time to Change

“Those who live or work in the City and County of Swansea have access to some of the most amazing coast and countryside in the UK and our urban areas are dotted with outstanding parks and green spaces. Exciting new developments are taking place in and around the city and renewal schemes are bringing improvements to our local communities.
    However, Swansea is well placed to learn the lessons of its industrial past and recognise the damage that can be done in the name of progress. The whole world now faces immense challenges as the environment on which life itself depends is threatened by climate change, biodiversity loss and the over consumption of natural resources. We must all do our bit to ensure that decisions made now do not create problems for future generations.
    Our vision is ambitious and presents a Swansea where the natural environment we inherited is safeguarded for the future; where local people have better opportunities for work, learning and leisure; but where the quality of life of others around the world is also respected and everyone understands and values the environment and tries to live more sustainably.”

Downloading the Strategy

Below are links to the full Swansea Environment Strategy and a shorter summary version plus links to each of the Environment Strategy Action Plans and Progress Reviews (full reports and summary sheets).

Strategy Documents

Swansea Environment Strategy (Full)     Swansea Environment Strategy (Summary)      Strategaeth Amgylcheddol Abertawe (Welsh)

Action Plans

Action Plan 2014-16     Action Plan 2012-14    Action Plan 2010-12     Action Plan 2008-10

Strategy Reviews

Ten Year Progress Review (2016)     Ten Year Progress Review Summary (2016)    Seven Year Progress Review (2014)     Seven Year Progress Review Summary (2014)    Five Year Progress Review (2012)     Five Year Progress Review Summary (2012)    Three Year Progress Review (2010)     Three Year Progress Review Summary (2010)    One Year Review (2008)