Environment Strategy Review and 2014-16 Action Plan

The Swansea Environment Strategy, published by Swansea Environmental Forum (SEF) in 2006, provides a long-term vision and strategic priorities for the natural and built environment in Swansea. A  new report just published outlines the findings of the latest biennial review, which assessed progress made towards the Strategy’s priorities in 2012/13 and 2013/14.

An Environment Strategy Action Plan was also produced in 2006 to sit alongside the Strategy and show how organisations would contribute to the priorities outlined in the Strategy. This first action plan covered the period 2006-8 and included 140 specific actions. New action plans have been compiled on a biennial basis at the same time as the progress reviews have been undertaken.

A new action plan has also been published to cover the period 2014-16

The achievements rate for the first Action Plan (2006-8) was 57% (based on actions completed by the end of March 2008 and half those partly completed). The achievement rates increased for the subsequent action plans listed – 61% in 2008-10, 75% for 2010-12 and 76% for the 2012-14 action plan. The achievement rate for each of the five thematic sections ranged from 61% to 82%.

The Review and Action Plan can be downloaded at http://swanseaenvironmentalforum.net/environment-strategy