Brief Overview of Swansea Environmental Forum

Swansea Environmental Forum is an association of organisations and individuals working together to initiate, develop and co-ordinate environmental action in Swansea.

Set-up in 1985, SEF is a fully constituted voluntary group with membership open to any individuals and organisations that support its aims and are interested in furthering its work.

The Forum recognises that the protection and enhancement of the environment is best achieved by working together in the context of sustainability. The principles of sustainable development are at the heart of the Forum’s work.

In Spring 2004, the Forum was officially recognised as the lead strategic partnership for all aspects of the natural and built environment in Swansea. As such, SEF has played an important role in championing and supporting environmental objectives within high-level strategic plans such as the Community Plan and, more recently, the Swansea Well-being Plan.

Brief History of Swansea Environmental Forum

SEF has initiated and co-ordinated many successful projects including:

  • In the late 80s and early 90s, SEF organised conferences and workshops on urban greening, countryside access, Agenda 21 issues; compiled a directory of local projects to illustrate sustainability concepts and a directory of environmental volunteering; and set-up a community recycling scheme, an urban wildlife action group, and a broad environmental network.
  • In 1995, SEF set up the Environment Centre – a unique focal point and resource base for environmental information, education and activity in the region.
  • In 2004, SEF initiated Sustainable Swansea, a community-focused initiative to raise awareness and increase action towards a sustainable future. This included several projects such as the production of several Green Maps, a prestigious awards scheme and a trail of local exemplars of sustainability.
  • In 2006, SEF published Swansea’s Environment Strategy and has subsequently undertaken regular reviews and published biennial progress reports and action plans.
  • In 2010, SEF initiated the Low Carbon Swansea Bay project and network and in 2012 was instrumental is setting-up the Clear Streams Swansea partnership project.
  • In 2013, SEF collaborated with Swansea CVS and other partners to establish the Swansea Community Green Spaces Project.
  • In 2015, SEF undertook community consultations on natural resource management as part of the Tawe Trial. This included organising the Smart Nature website and conference.
  • In 2017, SEF played a key role in the Swansea Well-being Assessment and the development of the first Swansea Well-being Plan and supports the delivery of the environment-focused well being objective – Working with Nature – along with Natural Resources Wales and other partners.
  • In 2019, SEF organised the second Smart Nature conference as part of a series of events related to Working with Nature and other environmental priorities, in collaboration with The Environment Centre and other partners.

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