Over the years, SEF has developed several innovative projects including the establishment of the successful Environment Centre and the production of Swansea’s first Environment Strategy.

For more on the Environment Centre, visit their separate website HERE.

For more on the Swansea Environment Strategy, see HERE.

Below are examples of our current projects:

Sustainable SwanseaLow Carbon Swansea BayClear Streams
Sustainable Swansea was established in 2004 aiming to make Swansea a more sustainable place to live, work and visit. The project has produced a suite of community Green Maps, has brought exhibitions like Earth From The Air to Swansea and has helped highlight local achievements through the Swansea Sustainability Trail and the Sustainable Swansea Awards.Low Carbon Swansea was established in 2010 as a network of organisations seeking to reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs through sharing knowledge and collaboration.
The project was initially developed by SEF with funding from the EU and Environment Agency Wales but is now funded through membership subscriptions.
The Clear Streams initiative is concerned with all things water-related in Swansea and promotes a healthier and cleaner aquatic environment. This includes providing advice on how to reduce our impact on water resources and helping organisations and individuals to find out about and enjoy the natural wonders of water in and around Swansea.

The BIG Issues

In 2008, SEF identified five BIG Issues as part of its work with Better Swansea Partnership (now the Local Service Board). These were selected by the Forum’s Executive as specific local issues requiring a partnership approach with the broad support of different sectors and agencies. Subsequently, through our Environment Strategy reviews, we also identified that the built heritage in Swansea needed greater focus. Working groups and partnership projects have been established to address each of these issues.

The Big Issues are:

WATER QUALITY IN SWANSEA BAY – currently being addressed through the Clear Streams project (see above) and work undertaken by Natural Resources Wales, Swansea Council and others.

IMPROVING AIR QUALITY – previously being monitored by an Air Quality Task Group.

BIODIVERSITY – currently being addressed by Swansea Biodiversity Partnership.

CARBON MANAGEMENT AND ADAPTING TO CLIMATE CHANGE – currently being addressed through the Low Carbon Swansea Bay initiative (see above).

An additional priority was agreed following a strategy review in 2010:

BUILT HERITAGE – the Swansea Built Heritage Group has been set up to address this – more information available HERE.

If you would like to learn more about our project work or find out about working with us on any of these issues, please email: info@swanseaenvironmentalforum.net