Communication, Consultation and Partnership

Swansea Environmental Forum is a membership organisation and encourages as many as possible to join the partnership and participate in consultations, meetings and other activities. Membership is free, please download the application form HERE.

SEF manages or supports several thematic partnerships and sub-groups such as Swansea Environmental Education Forum (SEEF) and the Swansea Built Heritage Group. It is also a member of the Swansea Public Services Board and is joint-lead body for the Working with Nature well being objective.

Executive Committee

Our work is overseen by an Executive Committee consisting of members elected at our AGM and several others that are co-opted because of their particular areas of expertise.

Deb Hill (chair)
Nature Conservation Team Leader, Swansea Council
Hamish Osborn (vice-chair)
Natural Resources Management Team Leader,
Natural Resources Wales
Alyx Baharie (treasurer)
Development Officer,
Swansea Council for Voluntary Service
Steve Bolchover
Chair of Trustees, Environment Centre
Environment Centre Logo
Chris Howell
Head of Waste Management and Parks Operations,
Swansea Council
Andrew Davies
Heidi Smith
Sustainability Manager, Swansea University
John Childs
Swansea Friends of the Earth
Peter Anderson
Founding Director, VocalEyes Democracy C.I.C.
Mary Sherwood
Gower Power
Chris Lindley
Gower AONB Team Leader, Swansea Council
Fran Rolfe
Natural Resources Management Officer,
Natural Resources Wales
Jill Goddard
Senior Enabling Officer (Housing), Swansea Council
John Sayce
Ciaran O'Brien
Trustee, Penllergare Trust
Helen Grey
Senior Officer, People and Places South West Wales

Minutes of Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee usually meets five or six times a year. Here are the available minutes for meetings in 2019 and 2020:

SEF Exec Minutes: September 2020        SEF Exec Minutes: July 2020

SEF Exec Minutes: May 2020                  SEF Exec Minutes: January 2020           

SEF Exec Minutes: November 2019        SEF Exec Minutes: September 2019       

SEF Exec Minutes: May 2019